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Summer School is here, this time exploring the digital universe and preparing skills for it. The following topics will be on discussion

  • ICT Skill Sets influence and transform the future

  • The Impact of ICT on Innovation

  • ICT role on transforming human capabilities

  • Pathways to developing transformative ICT Skills

  • Harnessing dynamic demands and needs on ICT skills

  • How ICTs have destroyed organisations’ departmental boundaries

Know the team Exploring the Theme.

  • Prof. Johan van Niekerk

    Professor - Centre for Research in Information and Cyber Security School of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Summerstrand North Campus

  • Tichafa R Mujuru

    Head - ICT department (POTRAZ) A seasoned Information & Communication Technology executive with more than 15 years’ experience in the ICT industry

  • Mr Cleopas Chiketa

    General Manager Tel One Centre for Learning (TCFL). Master of Commerce Strategic Management & Corporate Governance (MSU).

  • Dr Ushendibaba Madume

    Metallon Gold Zimbabwe - Human Resources Manager How, Shamva Gold Mine and now at Redwing Gold Mine.

  • Dr G Hapanyengwi

    CSZ President , Director Computer Center (UZ). PhD. Computer Science, MSc. Computer Science(Vanderbilt , USA) BSc Computer Science & Mathematics (UZ, Zimbabwe)

  • Prof. Gabriel Kabanda

    The Pro Vice Chancellor at the Zimbabwe Open University. An accomplished academician and researcher, seasoned strategist, open and distance learning (ODL) practitioner,

  • Daniel C Zinyengere

    Hunyani Management Services Group I.C.T. Manager BSc Information Systems and Management – University of London (UK) Diploma in General Management (ZIM) MDP 2005 – Manchester University Project Management Certificate - PMIZ

Check the Fees for attending.

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SUMMER SCHOOL 2016 For Professionals like You!

The world around us is rapidly changing, resulting in a spiral effect on the technology that makes it come alive. Disruptive technologies, social media, cloud computing, mobile technologies, the Internet of Things, big data and analytics have become mainstream. The boundaries of an organisation's production, information and communication technology infrastructure and jurisdiction are becoming blurred. Information security and risk management are becoming a daunting task. These developments bring with them flux demands for new dynamic human resources. Jobs of the future will depend less and less on title but delivered value. Industry and commerce and all sectors will consider more the service that is being provided and not the head count, structure or team providing the service.

The Power Behind The Theme of Summer School 2016.

The Digital Universe - “Skills for Innovation”

Currently organisations are resorting to outsourcing as they try to minimise the inadequacies of classical ownership of labour but retain the service. This is a rudimental and insufficient adjustment to try and match the dynamic demands of a changing world.

The maturity of ICT assimilation has progressed from it being a back office tool and an enabler of processes to being the driver of all activities. The future is reserved for professionals, either human or robots, defined to provide a service and not necessarily expertise. A hybrid kind of a service provider or professional is required to serve the ever changing ICT environment and dynamic clients, as well as their equally dynamic needs. It is therefore imperative that the mills producing ICT professionals focus on this hybrid that is also capable of producing robots and or humanoids. Equally, current professionals with silo expertise need to morph into the new service provision oriented professional.

Summer School 2015 Recap